Wedding Cakes

Fresh Flowers

Even with the rise in popularity of gum paste/fondant flowers, fresh flowers remain one of the most popular and cost effective ways of enhancing the beauty of a wedding cake. If you are hiring a florist for your event the majority tend to include cake flowers in their quotes and packages, though you may need to mention you would like them included just to be sure. Your florist will then put the flowers on the cake once we have delivered.


We do not supply fresh flowers but if you are not having a florist and are supplying the flowers yourself we will decorate the cake if you bring them to us the day before your event free of charge. However if you choose a pillar style where the gap between each cake tier is completely filled with flowers or you opt for a flower cascade from top to bottom, these types of placements will need to be done on site by a professional florist.


Sugar Paste Flowers

Sugar paste flowers are priced separately to your cake and vary according to flower type and size but in general range from $4.50 to $15 per flower and can be customized to suit your color preference.


Choosing A Design

As you page through our gallery you will see many different cake styles. When choosing a wedding cake however it is important to take into consideration not just your personal preferences but also the look and feel of your reception venue or room. If your cake will most likely be outside in hot summer temperatures you should strongly consider fondant. After all our buttercream is made from butter and what does butter do in heat?… it melts. So be realistic in your expectations, spending a little more will be worth the peace of mind on your wedding day!


When budgeting for your cake keep in mind more highly decorated cakes equals more labor time which is then reflected in the price. We consider every cake we do a work of art, from baking to decoration they’re hand crafted by our talented team of pastry chefs and we do our best to design a cake that you love but that also fits your budget.

Fake Tiers

A fake tier is made by using a styrofoam "dummy" and commonly used when you want the overall cake height taller but don't need all the extra servings. We only offer dummy tiers for cakes that will be iced in fondant. The fake tiers are priced at $3.50 per serving based on the number of servings the real tier would have had.


Cake Toppers

These days anything goes, flowers, monograms, bride and groom, whatever fits your style. Simply search the web and you will be rewarded with multiple pages of results. A 6 inch round is our standard size for the top tier of a wedding cake and most toppers will fit this size, although you should always call us just to make sure. If it's heavy you should let us know in advance as we will need to support it to prevent it sinking into the cake.

Saving The Top Tier

The tradition of freezing the top tier of your wedding cake originated in England, where traditional wedding cakes are made from dense rich fruit cake. Brandy is added to the cake mixture and then lavishly brushed over the whole cake after baking. The alcohol acts as a natural preservative for the cake, its then tightly wrapped and stored in a cool dry place, where it can last for up to 6 months or up to 3 years in a freezer.


American sponge and butter cakes do not have the freezer life of such fruit cakes however we have found that if well wrapped and placed in a plastic container they can potentially last up to 6 months or even a year in the freezer. If you would prefer a fresh cake for your anniversary we offer a 5 inch round buttercream cake for $15 and need 3 days notice prior to pick up.