Mix & Match Cupcake Menu



Banana pecan

Yellow chocolate chip


Peanut butter


Devils food

Vanilla Confetti

Red Velvet


Lemon Blueberry

Strawberry candy


White Chocolate

Vegan Red Velvet (Non-dairy)

Vegan Chocolate (Non-dairy)

Gluten Free Chocolate

Gluten Free Yellow

Gluten Free Red Velvet

Glutten Free Yellow Chocolate Chip


*Add $0.75 ea for Gluten Free, Vegan,

Carrot regular size and add $0.45 ea for

mini size and add $1.00 ea for jumbo size.



Mango buttercream

Mocha buttercream

Lemon buttercream

Pineapple buttercream

Banana buttercream

Passionfruit buttercream

Chocolate buttercream

Praline chocolate buttercream

Raspberry buttercream

Coconut buttercream

Strawberry buttercream

Mint chocolate buttercream

Cream cheese buttercream

Vanilla buttercream

Peanut butter buttercream

Baileys buttercream

Peach buttercream

Apricot buttercream

Honey buttercream

Maple buttercream

Non-dairy vanilla frosting

Non-dairy chocolate frosting (Brown)

*All buttercreams & frostings are gluten free

Mix & Match

Our cupcake menu allows you to build your own cupcake! You can create a standard cupcake with frosting or add a filling for that extra indulgence. Filling options are only available for regular and jumbo cupcakes.



Standard color sprinkle or edible pearl decor included

Mini cupcakes are $1.50

Regular cupcakes are $3.00

Regular filled and frosted cupcakes are $3.50

Jumbo cupcakes are $5

Jumbo filled and frosted cupcakes are $5.50


Easy Pick Flavors & Pricing

Regular unfilled $3.00 or mini $1.50

Regular size cupcake with filling option $3.50

Two hours required for Easy Pick Flavors no minimum order required


Red velvet with cream cheese buttercream (filling vanilla Bavarian cream)

Vanilla with strawberry buttercream (filling- vanilla Bavarian cream)

Lemon with raspberry buttercream (filling - lemon cream)

Devils food with chocolate buttercream (filling - oreo whip)


Flavor of the Month

Vanilla Toffee - Vanilla Toffee with Vanilla Buttercream topped with crushed Almond English Toffee  (Bavarian Cream filling - filled option only)

Fillings (Additional $0.50)

Almond Chocolate Ganache

Raspberry Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Ganache

Sour Cream Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate whip cream

Praline chocolate cream

Vanilla Bavarian cream

Pineapple cream

Banana cream

Passionfruit cream

Raspberry cream

Strawberry cream

Peanut butter cream

Green Tea whip cream

Mocha cream

Baileys buttercream

Mint chocolate buttercream

Cream cheese buttercream

Vanilla buttercream

Grape jelly

*Fillings add $0.50 to final cupcake price

*Filling option not available for mini cupcakes

*All filllings are gluten free

Minimum, Maximum, Lead Time

4 days notice required for all orders from our Mix & Match menu.

Minimum order for regular-sized cupcakes is one dozen- includes 2 flavor options.  

Minimum order for mini-sized cupcakes is two dozen- includes 2 flavor options.

Minimum order for Gluten Free and Vegan cupcakes is one dozen- includes 2 flavor options.

Jumbo cupcakes sold individually.



One dozen minimum required for all customized cupcakes

To color tint vanilla buttercream or non-dairy vanilla frosting it is $0.25 ea.


To add colored sanding sugar around the frosting edge it is $0.20 ea.

To add edible images or portraits to fondant discs it is $1.95 ea.

Fondant bows, monograms, or other fondant decor starts at $1.50 ea.


Our standard cupcake liners are white but can be customized upon request for no extra charge.


For all customization we require anywhere from three business days to one weeks notice, (excluding Saturdays and Sundays), depending upon the type of decor required.


We do not give customization quotes over the phone so as to avoid miscommunication. However if you email us a picture we can email you back with a more accurate quote.