Celebration Cakes

Cake Design

Whether it’s a baby shower, birthday, or event cake, you can choose a design in our gallery and simply customize the color and size or we can design a custom cake for you. When creating a custom cake, especially for a baby shower we ask you to email us the invitation, theme, color swatches, pictures or any other inspiration you have that will help us in the design process as well as letting us know how many you would like the cake to serve.


On average we require ten day's notice for all cake orders and in the summer during weding season, June, July and August, we require two weeks.

For large 3D event cakes we require a minimum of 4 weeks notice as the design process takes longer and often require custom boards and supporting structures to be made.


Cake Pricing

In most cases the final pricing of your cake is based on the number of servings as well as complexity of design, for example a small but highly decorated 6 inch round cake can cost the same as a simply decorated 9inch cake. Large 3D and custom carved cakes are priced more on a "per project " basis, for example a sports shoe replica may only feed six to eight but may cost over $400 due to all the detaliing required.


Sugar Paste Figurines

If you would like us to make sugar paste figurines, animals, trees etc. as part of the decoration on your cake, we require at least one weeks’ notice as they need time to dry out before the different parts can be assembled. This type of décor is handmade and not mass produced from a factory overseas and thus is priced accordingly. If you bring the figurine back to us after a week or so we will spray it with a preserving food lacquer so that you may have it as a keep sake.