Mix & Match Cake Menu

Cake Flavors


Banana pecan

Yellow chocolate chip




Devils food

Vanilla Confetti

Red Velvet


Lemon Blueberry


Strawberry Swirl


White chocolate

Vegan Red Velvet (Non-dairy)*

Vegan Chocolate (Non-dairy)*

Gluten Free Chocolate*

Gluten Free Yellow*

Gluten Free Yellow Chocolate Chip*

*Add $0.75 per slice for Gluten Free,

Vegan, Carrot *

Cake Icing

White Vanilla fondant

Ivory Vanilla fondant

Chocolate fondant (Brown)

Italian Vanilla buttercream

Italian Chocolate buttercream


Non-dairy vanilla frosting

Non-dairy chocolate frosting (Brown)


* All icings are gluten free

Cake Fillings

Almond chocolate Ganache*

Raspberry chocolate Ganache*

Chocolate Ganache*

Chocolate whip cream

Chocolate buttercream

Praline chocolate cream

Oreo whip cream

Mocha Cream

Mango cream

Pineapple Cream

Raspberry cream

Lemon cream

Banana cream

Passionfruit cream

Strawberry cream

Whipped cream

Cream cheese buttercream

Vanilla Bavarian cream

Bailey's Buttercream

All fillings are gluten free

*Fresh fruit options below add 0.25c p/slice

*Add $0.25 per slice for Ganache fillings

Fresh Fruit

When seasonally available we can add blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, peaches or apricots to your cake filling for an additional $0.25 per serving.



Our buttercream frosting is made in the classic Italian tradition with real butter and egg whites, which makes it smooth, silky, and light, ideal for both filling and frosting cakes. Because we use real butter, not shortening like many retail bakeries, our buttercream naturally has a warm off white color and a silky sheen. We do not recommend using buttercream for mid-day outdoor events during summer months if the temperatures may exceed 80F degrees.



Fondant also known as sugardough is a smooth pliable icing that is rolled out and smoothed over a cake once a buttercream crumb coat has been applied. It has a timeless elegance and makes a perfect blank canvas upon which to create amazing works of art. It can also withstand warm summer teperatures and is thus recommeded for outdoor events. Our vanilla fondant has a marshmallow flavor, while the chocolate tastes like a Tootsie Roll. As well as being used for frosting a cake, fondant can also be used to create figurines, cut outs, flowers and bows.



Ganache is a mixture of melted chocolate and cream which once cooled and whipped, gives the consistency of the inside of a chocolate truffle, its rich and decadent! Different types of Ganache can be made by altering the ratio of cream to chocolate and adding nuts or fruit flavorings.  


Fruit Creams

Our fruit creams are made using whipped cream and real fruit puree to capture the essence of the fruit.


Bavarian Cream

Bavarian Cream is similar to the pastry cream you would find inside an eclair or doughnut, but ours is fluffier with a yummy caramel custard flavor.



Sugarpaste, also know as  gumpaste or flowerpaste is a hard setting sugar dough mixed with gum tragacanth out of which beautiful lifelike flowers, figurines and other decorations are made.